Dear Parents,

The students follow us, the elders, and look upto us as their role models. The onus is therefore, on us to inculcate in them a sense of discipline and shape them into individuals who are stickler of rules, maintaining punctuality, planning and performance. The ‘ALMANAC’ or ‘School Diary’ has a key role to play in inculcating self discipline and following a systematic schedule of activities.

           The ‘ALMANAC’ would also help you to monitor and follow the progress and activities your child is involved in on a day to day basis.To ensure perfection in all aspects and to make their learning process more systematic, the child’s regularity to school plays a vital role. It is my earnest request to parents to give the first priority to school and plan all other appointments after school hours orduring the given vacations. We are sure you would follow with keen interest the child’s progress and help us in shaping your child’s future. As we move forward during the school year,we invite you to contact the school with any questions or concerns you might have. My door is always open to parents, teachers and students. I look forward to meeting you and working with your children. We are going to have a great school year.


Mrs. Naseema Khan