Learning starts soon after birth and this process continues.Children keep learning new things every moment- some good somebad. All children are born alike, it is the ENVIRONMENT that makes thedifference.The school is inspired by the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) as an ideal formula for nurturing great minds. All of us tend towork towards remote goals for want of finding suitable ways to attainwhat we should aspire for, because our future success is related tothese aspirations. Goal directed behavior calls for motivation to workextensively and intensively for a future achievement target. This is theconceptual aim of the school which strongly believes in "GOALORIENTED APPROACH".The curriculum of the school focuses on academics as well as cocurricularactivities keeping in mind the all-round development of thechild. I take immense pride in stating that The Scholar School is reallyblessed with boundless talent in all its three wings - Pre-primary,Primary and Middle , each buzzing with its own set of activities.Inculcating Islamic values of compassion, generosity and giving back tosociety is of paramount importance to us. We encourage our studentsto take responsibility and become the catalyst of change. I am sure thatequipped with knowledge and sound moral values, scholars will carryon their tradition of marching forward with brilliance and dignity,Insha Allah.

Mahpara Jan